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Our vision is to connect every teacher, student, and parent in the world to improve education

School Plus app is an innovative mobile app for schools or a great school app for parents in india that conducts the better school parent communication and provides a platform for parents, teachers, and management to connect each other and thus providing a healthy relationship and communication between them. This school app provides no way for communication gap between teachers and parents that usually exists in the present context.

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What problems do we solve?

  • Meetings of parents and teachers are conducted rarely, thus creates a lag in knowing the student’s performance.
  • Teacher’s gets limited time to focus on each student, thus to reach every parent through normal meeting is difficult
  • Parents are always curious about their child’s academic status, but they hardly get time to get in touch with the school and get updated about the performance of their child.
  • Student may not be able to clarify their doubts from school.

How we solve these problems?

  • School Plus App connects to each parent individually by linking the whole.
  • School Plus App simplifies the job of a teacher by allowing them to send announcements, reminders, schedules etc to the entire class directly from their smart phones.
  • School Plus app allows teachers to send announcements, reminders, schedules etc right from their smart phones to every parent without losing much time.
  • Instant parent-teacher communication is possible with a text message and can send daily updates to the parents.
  • School Plus App helps students to clarify doubts at any time by providing access to teachers through messages.
  • School Plus provides a best platform for students to clarify their doubts by reaching out to their respective subject teachers through this app
school app
School Plus
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